Sensational Seasons

Kreative Graces - Craft pARTy Studio

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What Students Do:  Featuring a variety of techniques such as marble painting and bubble wrap, students will discuss the differences in the four seasons including the transformation of a tree and the change of temperature and precipitation.  Each student will create an individual piece of art that allows them to use a variety of artistic strategies while focusing on the special features of each season.  

SOLs:  Each lesson is accompanied with literature and class discussion, focusing on essential knowledge and vocabulary and has been created to support the Virginia Standards of Learning.  SOLs - Science K.7c, K.9, 1.7bc, 2.4

Required By Host: 

*  This fieldtrip is $6/student.  Payment is due the day of the field trip.  

* We ask that 1 hour is scheduled for each class (may vary depending on number of participants).  This hour includes the entire lesson as well as time to clean up and reset if there is another group following after.  

*  If multiple classes are participating, we ask to have one designated space where students will rotate in and out.  This space will need four tables that are large enough to accommodate a fourth of each group at a time.  

*  A volunteer for each table (four) will need to be provided for the entire length of the field trip.  It is your choice if this is the same volunteer or if volunteers rotate with the classes.  

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